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Ferrotech is a scrap metal processor and broker that will provide unique solutions to the issues you may be facing involving your scrap metal program.












It's what we do....

As the processing arm of Ferromet Corporation, Ferrotech is a processor and recycler of ferrous and nonferrous metals. At our New Castle, PA facility, we utilize our vast indoor space to process all types of metals including heavy solids such as scrap mill rolls that weigh up to 100 tons each. Our on-site spectrographic laboratory and expertise allows us to chemically identify and classify the various metals we receive prior to processing. This normally includes specific size reduction according to our customer's needs.  Staged materials are classified, cut to size and then stored or loaded for shipment to the end user for re-melting into finished steel and alloy products. We operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without weather or natural light limitations.  The elements of nature have little effect on our operations.

The big stuff...

We are a "niche" operator specializing in the transportation, lifting and processing of materials that are generally too large and cumbersome for most scrap processors.  We frequently tell our shippers... "if you can get it into a railroad car, we can get it out."

We use very specialized processing and material handling equipment and have developed methods that are unique to handling and processing large and/or heavy incoming stock. We reduce these materials into sizes which can then be effectively utilized by our customers.  To accomplish such tasks, we employ the use of cranes, shredders, burning equipment, burning tables, dust and fume collectors, x-ray analyzers, crushers, balers, shears, saws, rail sidings and trucks.  These items are all housed in our 225,000 square foot indoor facility that includes concrete floors throughout.  Our buildings have high bays that lend themselves to the unloading and reduction of material.

Retail Operation:

Turn your scrap metal into cash!

Our retail business is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Our facility was designed from the ground up, with our customers in mind. From our twin ferrous truck scales with external weight monitors to our intercom systems, our vendors have come to expect an efficient and professional experience in addition to getting top dollar for their scrap metals.

We also operate a unique indoor non-ferrous retail operation which provides an actual indoor "drive-thru" service for our vendors. With our multiple scales, scale monitors for our customers and advanced sorting equipment, our customers can expect a fast, clean, friendly and efficient experience as they convert their scrap into cash. Listen to our latest radio spot here.

Industrial Box Services:

Ferrotech has it's own fleet of trucks and boxes to service industrial generators of scrap. We have both roll-off and lugger boxes of all sizes to fit our customers particular needs. Our commitment to service, value and integrity has created a reputation for our company that is second to none. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you handle and maximize the value of your scrap

Analytical Laboratory:

Our highly trained metallurgical quality team utilizes the latest technology as well as our on-site spectrographic laboratory to chemically classify our metals and create our blends. We have worked hand in hand with our most valued customers to harness the chemical elements that are most advantageous to them while we keep out the ones that are the most detrimental. This has resulted in a proprietary grading system which allows us to provide significant cost savings and production efficiencies to our melt shop customers.

Through this quality protocol, we will follow a single piece of material from it's entry across our scale, through the laboratory testing, into processing and ultimately, to it's delivery at the end user. With this kind of analytical expertise and control, Ferrotech has become an invaluable asset to it's customers with the most stringent handling and metallurgical requirements.





Since our beginning we have gained an enviable reputation in the industry for providing a reliable service with both integrity and value.

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